Device troubles? Learn how to reset and more

Factory reset is a quick method to delete all data from your device and restore it to the original settings. Find out how to reset any device, how to take screenshots and many other tutorials.

If you’re looking to clear all data on your phone, smartphone or tablet but not sure how to do it, we’ve got you covered! Maybe you need a method to bypass screen lock protection or your device is just running very slow and keeps freezing? Then you’re in the right place, here you’ll find a wide range of tutorials.

Explore our website to discover how to reset various devices or learn how to remove pattern, password, or passcode locks effortlessly. We’ll guide you step-by-step trough the factory reset process, also known as hard reset or wipe data process and also you will find detailed instructions on accessing recovery mode, download mode, fastboot mode, bootloader mode and more.

Either you’re here to fix or wipe your device, don’t let technical hurdles hold you back – take advantage of our valuable instructions and get your device running smoothly again!