How to find IMEI number on Oppo Reno9 Pro

The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a 15-digit number assigned to every mobile phone worldwide. It serves as a unique identifier for the device. If your Oppo Reno9 Pro phone is lost or stolen, you can provide the IMEI number to an authorized agency to help locate it. Additionally, you can provide the IMEI to your network provider to lock the phone and prevent unauthorized access. To perform these actions, you will need to find the IMEI number of your Oppo Reno9 Pro phone.

Well, are you ready to find out how to get your Oppo Reno9 Pro smartphone IMEI number? Let’s find out together by going over this very quick, yet detailed, guide about where to locate and identify the IMEI number on a Oppo Reno9 Pro device.

There are several methods to find the Oppo Reno9 Pro’s IMEI number. Although the IMEI can be found on the box in which the phone is packaged, it is recommended to use these methods to retrieve it:

• Dial a USSD code on your device to obtain the IMEI number;
• Find the IMEI on the phone by checking the "About" informations from "Settings".

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How to find the IMEI on Oppo Reno9 Pro, step by step

To easily locate the IMEI number of your mobile device, you can follow the instructions above:

View the IMEI on Oppo Reno9 Pro by dialing a USSD code:

  1. Launch the Phone app on your Oppo Reno9 Pro device. Find IMEI on Oppo Reno9 Pro
  2. Dial "*#06#" from the keypad. Dial *#06# on Oppo Reno9 Pro
  3. A pop-up screen will automatically appear, containing device information including the IMEI number. Please note that the appearance of the display screen may be different based on your manufacturer or Android/OS version. IMEI number on Oppo Reno9 Pro
  4. The method described for finding the IMEI number is universally applicable and works the same way on all types of phones, regardless of the brand.

Check phone settings to find IMEI on Oppo Reno9 Pro

The IMEI number of your Oppo Reno9 Pro phone can also be accessed from the device settings. Please note that the interface may vary based on the OS version. However, the settings and steps are largely uniform across most models. You should be able to locate the IMEI number without having to dig too deep.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your phone. Settings on Oppo Reno9 Pro
  2. Scroll down and locate the "About phone" option, then tap on it. On some devices, the IMEI is displayed here. About info on Oppo Reno9 Pro View IMEI number for Oppo Reno9 Pro
  3. On other devices you need to tap on the "Status" option and then on "IMEI information". This will display your device’s IMEI number. Status information for Oppo Reno9 Pro IMEI information on Oppo Reno9 Pro


Why does my Oppo Reno9 Pro displays two IMEI numbers at the same time?

If your Oppo Reno9 Pro phone displays two distinct IMEI numbers (such as IMEI1: xxxx... and IMEI2: yyyy...), it indicates that your device is equipped with dual SIM capabilities. This essentially means that your device is equipped with two modems (which practically function as a single unit) and therefore can operate two phone numbers in the same time.

Dual SIM card slots are becoming increasingly common in smartphones across many countries. As a result, many individuals are now using two SIM cards simultaneously within a single phone for different purposes. It is important to note that IMEI is a unique number that is assigned to each phone to help identify it. Therefore, if you notice two IMEI numbers on your device, there is no need to be alarmed or confused. Both numbers contain information that is related to your phone and can be used to correctly identify it.

How do you know which number to use if two IMEIs show on your Oppo Reno9 Pro?

The display of two IMEI numbers on a single Oppo Reno9 Pro phone can often create confusion, particularly among those who may not be tech savvy. However, if your mobile phone is equipped with two SIM slots, it is important to note that both IMEI numbers are valid and can be used interchangeably. It is also perfectly acceptable to use only one of the two IMEI numbers.

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